Tools Used:

Unity C#


4 Weeks

Team Size:



Game Deveroper

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Mel Sahanaja [Game Artist]

Pepijn Sijthoff [Game Artist]

Kimberly Nap [Game Artist]

Joey Pang [Game Artist]

Alex Antonides [Game Developer]

Kevin Boogaard[Game Developer]

This is an new and improved towerdefence game. We had the instruction to make an towerdefence game, and we made an mix of towerdefence and an checker game. Wolpertinger. A 3D Tower Defence other than others. In Wolpertinger, you have to take over the enemy base with your towers while defending your own. After each wave you are forced to take an action with each of your tower: upgrade (Costs gold) or move forward. You have to get as close to the enemy base to attack their base, although- the closer you get: The faster the enemies go.

And here are some code snippits

This is the start wave

This is an distance to your next stap

This is the spawing of the grid map